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 DC Brandon

I am an Edmonton-based screenwriter and director with a passion for short films. My favourite genres are drama, romcom and romance. My biggest influences as a filmmaker are Wong Kar Wai, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow – as different as they all are. 

I have been honoured to receive over 50 film festival selections with 10 wins for best short film. 

I always get asked why I write and direct romance films so often and don’t branch out to, say, horror or sci-fi. I figure we should just be honest about who we are and what we love and pursue it! 

Above all, I aim to tell stories from the heart. 

DC Brandon - film director
DC Brandon


A frame from my short film Friends and Lovers.


I adore writing stories

Over the past 5 years, I’ve written close to 100 short film scripts. I often write for fun, with no intention of heading into production with a script – just simply for my own enjoyment.

During those times when I do wish to direct a short film, I often write character-driven stories that fit within a 2-day production schedule and limited budget. Those are often the most fun scripts to write as I get so excited thinking about how the scenes will play out in production, how the edit will fit together, and how much fun it will be to have audiences watch the story unfold. 




…and action!

Much like my time spend learning the craft of writing, my journey to become a better director has been fraught with hills and valleys. Through it all, I’ve never given up. 

In the beginning, you don’t know what you don’t know, so it’s almost easier than it is later on in your career. My experience has taught me a few important lessons: casting is half the battle, rehearsals are key, and the job of the director is to get the best performances possible out of the actors. My strategy for all of the above is to work patiently and diligently towards my vision for each film. Simple as that.

A frame from my short film Amara’s Smile.