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Amara’s Smile goes to LA

Official Selection
Los Angeles Film Awards 2022


Amara’s Smile (short, romance) is headed to Los Angeles Film Awards 2022! 

I am grateful to the LAFA adjudicators for this honour.  I love that this short is going to get in front of a whole new audience. LAFA does an amazing job of promoting indie film with a large audience on all of their channels. 

The entire motivation for making a film is to entertain an audience and getting into festivals like this one makes a filmmaker feel like all the blood, sweat and tears were all worthwhile. 


Thank you to the amazing cast and crew on this short! 

Here are the full credits: 

DC Brandon

Lee Lopez as Kevin
Henna Sahota as Amara

Aaron Coburn as Josh
Safia Comtois-Mohamad as Trudy
Gary Layton as Paul

Mary Mansour as teen in park
Todd Bowles as guy on bike

Director/DP: DC Brandon
AD: Rohit Kataria
Sound recordist: James Hastings
Boom op: Eddie MacIntosh

Editor/Colorist/Sound Mix: DC Brandon Films
Animation: Zahra Ayatollah



Watch the trailer

After being stood up for a date, a woman runs into an old college classmate who gives her an unforgettable night under the stars.


DC Brandon - film director

Director’s Statement

We all die but true love never does.

Setting this story against the backdrop of an ancient Chinese poem allowed me to position the love story in a more eternal way, one that extends beyond our horizon into the stars above.

In this small, low-budget indie drama, perhaps one can find some hope for love in troubled times.

DC Brandon


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