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Actors and models wanted for film projects

Welcome to my casting calls page. 

There are projects here for both actors and models. If you feel you might be a good fit for one, please contact me.


DC Brandon






Love Stars

(drama, short film)

A woman finds God after the death of her husband and baby. 

Writer and Director: DC Brandon

Location: Edmonton, AB

Production dates: 1 weekend in summer 2021

Non Union

Gas money and food provided


Colleen - 24-30, female, standard build

David - 25-35, male, standard build

Police Officer - 30-50, any gender or build

Read the script here

To apply for the role of Colleen, please submit a

self-taped read from scene 1.


To apply for the role of David, please submit a

self-taped read from scenes 2 and 3.

To apply for the role of Police Officer, please

submit a photo.


Deadline -  APRIL 15, 2021.

Please share via drobox or Google Drive to dcbrandonfilms@gmail.com


Models Wanted for "Love Lost" Fashion Films Series

For those up for something a little more artsy and different, I present to you the "Love Lost" fashion films series casting call. 

The films in this series will each be 2 minutes long with moody cinematography and an accompanying soundtrack and voiceover. The voiceover will be a poem written by a local artist and read by a professional voice actor. The theme of each film will be "love lost". As such, the tone will be somber and introspective. My goal is to have these come across as romantic and subdued.


There is an opportunity to combine street fashion with a few lingerie scenes, for models interested in going in that direction. For the most part though, the scenes will be shot at the end of the day outdoors.


Models Wanted that fit the following:

Age 20 - 35 (proof of age required)

Size 2 to 8

Any race

Multiple 2-hour shoot dates in Spring and Summer in Edmonton.

Collab only

Films to be submitted to film festivals and displayed on this website


Submit samples of past modelling work to dcbrandonfilms@gmail.com or a DM to instagram.com/dcbrandon__films

Note: photo ID and a signed release form allow me to submit the film to film festivals and post on my website and social media will be required prior to filming.

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