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in Edmonton

Hey, thanks for checking our my cinematography page. I am based out of Edmonton, AB, so if you are looking for a local cinematographer for your next commercial, shoot me a message using the contact page.

A little history and my approach to cinematography

I have been shooting for about 15 years now. I started out in stills (I still shoot stills on film) but quickly moved on to cinematography. I typically keep fairly busy with about 15 commercials and 2 short films and 5 or so fashion films each year. I really enjoy shooting most any genre.

I am comfortable using RED, Arri, Panasonic, Sony, Blackmagic, Canon etc. I've pretty much shot on everything over the years.

Currently, I shoot Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 6k full frame mostly these days but I also have several other systems available for projects.

I typically use vintage lenses and am very fond of both Minolta MD and Canon FD glass and sometimes use modern stuff as the project dictates.

My approach is largely based on the idea that a cinematographer shouldn't have a specific style, but rather be extremely adaptable to the needs of a project. As such, you will see in my framegrabs below there is a wide gamut (pun intended!) of colour choices, lighting ratios, colour grades and compositional styles. If I were forced to describe my approach in a word, I would probably say my cinematography is "personal". My two biggest concerns creatively speaking are lighting and composition, followed closely by colour. I work efficiently (as I often must with no or small crew jobs).

I'm told I'm pretty chill on set and don't approach any project with ego or trying to impress. My only goal is to create images that fit the mood of each scene.

Work Samples


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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