A list of paid services – hire me today!


Thanks so much for checking out my paid services page. Below you will find a list of projects you can hire me for. I’ve tried my best to keep my rates reasonable so that anyone can book me for creative projects.


To inquire about a booking, please reference the price sheet below and email me at dcbrandonfilms@gmail.com with the details of your project.




DC Brandon



Freelance Video services

Edmonton, AB




30-Sec Commercial

Want a commercial that brings in new customers for your business?  With a decade  of commercial and corporate experience, I can write, direct and produce a spot that looks and feels professional but comes across as authentic and relatable to your audience.

What you get: 

A  downloadable file of the 30 second commercial.  

Price: $4500 and up






fashion film

Star in a fashion film directed by me! 

Fashion films are a fun project to star in and are an excellent way to add some interest to your social media channel. 

I have many options and styles of films to choose from, including street fashion films, narrative fashion film (ie film with a story), studio fashion films, and much more.

How it works: 

Contact me at dcbrandonfilms@gmail.com to inquire. We have a Zoom call to discuss themes, wardrobe and locations and associated budget.

After our Zoom call I will give you a quote on what the film will cost. 

Once it’s all decided, we pick a production date and begin filming. 

Post production (editing, color etc) normally takes 2 weeks to complete.

What you get: 

A  downloadable file of the 1 minute film, perfect for Instagram and your modeling portfolio.

Price: $600 and up

Note: Open to age 18 and up only.