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Writing Commercial Treatments

Commercial treatments allow the client to visualize the video project at an early stage

A commercial treatment is  a visual deck or PowerPoint that outlines the basic beats of a story. I like using a mixture of stock images and framegrabs from films to help illustrate the vibe and tone of the cinematography.

Whatever form the treatment takes, it's a powerful tool to show to clients. After all, many of us our visual learners and reading a script doesn't always convey the right information to people who may not be used to reading them. Getting everyone onboard is important, especially in the beginning of a project.

Below is a sample treatment I created for a fictional golf course named Monte Cristo Greens.


As you can see, a treatment is a nice friendly way to share a vision for the script before it is actually written.

Typically, clients appreciate this approach as it takes some of the guesswork out of the project and it even helps marketers get their own internal staff or supervisors on board.

Clarity is a good thing to have.

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