The Art of

Cinematic Imagery

DC Brandon

Edmonton Cinematographer

Painting with Light

10 years of production experience behind the camera has taught me one thing: beautiful cinematography starts with understanding light.


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Allowing the shadows to talk

I adore shadows in the frame and understand that taking away light is just as important as adding it in.



Harnessing the power of colour

I understand colour and the psychological effects of using different tones to help convey meaning


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A richly coloured, natural feel is what I love most.

I love shaping natural light for a beautiful, timeless feel.


Gear list


Sony A7S III Full Frame Camera (4K 120p 10-bit 422 internal, 4K 12-bit Prores Raw external on Ninja V, slog 3, s-cinetone) 
Sony A7S Full Frame Camera (slog 2, 4K externally to recorder)

Atomos Ninja V (4K Prores raw, 4KProres HQ, 4K DNxHR)


DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K drone (I have advanced RPAS license for Canada)


Sigma Art FE 24mm 1.4

Zeiss 55mm FE 1.8
Sony G-master FE 70-200 2.8
A wide variety of vintage lenses from Minolta, Pentax, Zeiss, Helios etc adapted to e-mount.


Luxli Timpani RGBW panels x 2

Godox VL300 

Aputure 120D

Aputure Lightstorm panels  x 3

Kinoflo Diva

Arri T1 and 650w Fresnel
Digital Quasar 4ft 3200k tubes x 3

Grip and Support

Wide variety of neg, diff, C stands etc

e-Image tripod legs with 75mm bowl, Sachtler head

8 foot dolly track and tripod dolly cart

Ronin-S Gimbal

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