Kissing Carmen (romance, short film)

For shy guy Neil, third time’s a charm when it comes to kissing his new girlfriend, Carmen – or so he hopes.


Written and Directed by DC Brandon
Starring Lee Lopez and Ness Suarez
Featuring Rohit Kataria and Fernanda Padron Olivas



DC Brandon - film director

DC Brandon


DC Brandon is an Edmonton-based short film screenwriter and director. Best known for romantic dramas Kissing Carmen and Amara’s Smile.

Actor Lee Lopez

Lee Lopez

Lead Actor

Lee Lopez is an Edmonton-based actor and star of Kissing Carmen. He has been in numerous films shot in the Edmonton area.

Actress Nes Suarez

Nes Suarez

Lead actress

Nes Suares is a Calgary-based actress and star of Kissing Carmen. Playing Carmen was the first big role for Nes. 

Actor Rohit Kataria

Rohit Kataria

Supporting Actor

Rohit Kataria is based out of Edmonton but born in India. He has appeared in numerous productions directed by DC Brandon.

Awards and Film FEstivals


Official Selection

Love Actually Int’l Storyteller Showcase 

Kissing Carmen



Best Short fIlm (honourable mention)

 Hollywood International Golden Age Festival

Kissing Carmen



Best Indie Short Film

Vegas Film Awards

Kissing Carmen


Film Festival Laurel for New York Film Awards


Best romantic comedy

New York Film Awards

Kissing Carmen



Best Romance film

Los Angeles Film Awards

Kissing Carmen



Best romantic comedy

Top Shorts Festival 

Kissing Carmen


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