The Longest Shadow Ever Cast

A woman struggles to deal with her husband’s infidelity. 


Writer/Director: DC Brandon


1 evening shoot in Edmonton

Pay $100 flat rate (lead actors), all others get gas covered

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required

Roles open until filled

Winter 2022 production

actor Rohit Kataria


Played by Rohit Kataria

Handsome and he knows it. Unfaithful to his wife on multiple occasions. Views cheating as a sport and getting away with it the path to a gold medal.


Kristin (lead) – ROLE FILLED

Played by Robin Steckler

Kristin’s suspicions of her husband cheating are not unfounded. After months of lies she at wits end and unsure of what do do. 


The Other Woman (small role) –


Played by Nara

A gorgeous woman who knows she’s playing with a married man – and could care less.


How to apply 

Submit a headshot and full length shot along with a written description of why you wish to apply for the role. Include a resume if you have one. As this film features little dialogue, a self taped audition is not required. 


read the script

I have posted the full script for this short film below. Please read through it and ask yourself if this is the type of short film you wish to star in. If you find the story and characters compelling, then the answer may be yes. 


understand the character

It’s important to really think about the character you are auditioning for. What do they seem to want in the story? What do they value? What kind of person do they seem to be? How might you bring them to life?


Send in your photos

Please include a headshot and full length shot along with any other portfolio you may wish to include. This short film requires no self taped audition. 



Must provide proof of age (18+) 

Must provide proof of COVID 19 Vaccination status


Email to

Read the script for

“The longest shadow ever cast”

Film director DC Brandon

written by dc brandon