love express (thriller)

The delivery guy keeps dropping off presents. Is it just a cute crush or is there something wrong with him?


Written and Directed by DC Brandon
Starring Bea Policarpio, Omer Aubin, Jana Hupman

Sound:  Harrisen Distant
Gaffer:  James Hastings




DC Brandon - film director

DC Brandon


DC Brandon is an Edmonton-based short film screenwriter and director. Best known for romantic dramas Kissing Carmen and Amara’s Smile.

framegrab from Love Express short film

Bea POlicarpio

Lead Actress

Bea is an Edmonton-based actress. This was her first lead role in a short film.

short film directed by DC Brandon - framegrab

Omer Aubin

Lead Actor

Omer is an Edmonton-based actor with experience on both stage and screen.

Awards and Film FEstivals

Film festival laurel - best thriller short film


best thriller

Moody Crab Film Festival

Love Express



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