Love FM wins Best Indie Short Film at Oniros Film Awards in New York

Love FM (romance, short) – Written and Directed by DC Brandon, starring Naseem Naderi and Gerry Dai has just been named the winner in the indie short film category at Oniros Film Awards.

Filmed in Edmonton, AB, the short tells the tale of a love talk show radio host (Carmella – played by Naseem Naderi) who has been having her own tough luck in the romance department. One night, a mysterious caller (Donny – played by Gerry Dai) details his hidden love and affection for a certain woman in his life, one he is unsure of how to approach. With the guidance of Carmella, Donny is able to find the courage to confess his love to her.

I wrote the script for LOVE FM  in the middle of our cold Canadian winter. I just wanted a warm feeling to hold on to and after sitting at the computer for a couple of weeks, LOVE FM was the result. 

It took me a LONG time to cast for this short, but I wanted to make sure I found the exact right match for the leading roles. As luck would have it, Gerry and Naseem applied. The instant I saw their audition tapes, I knew we had something. That feeling grew during rehearsals. Production went smoothly and then it was up to me to find the best way to cut the film. 

In total, I’d say the project took 4 months to complete (filming only took one day). Time well spent, if you ask me!


Full credits: 







supporting actor


director of photography, sound


lighting assistant



LOVE FM: A late-night romance radio show host struggling with her own relationship issues receives a call from an adoring fan that might finally give her a happy ending.

LOVE FM framegrab

In frame: Carmella (played by Naseem Naderi)





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