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Model Photography

Model Photographer Edmonton | DC Brandon Films

Capture the Essence with Digital and Analog Medium Format and 35mm Film


Embracing the Aesthetic of Film Photography

The beauty of our photography work at DC Brandon Films is deeply rooted in our passion for vintage film formats.

While the rest of the world obsesses over airbrushed, glossy "perfection", we celebrate reality with analog photography - and all the character that comes with it.

Gorgeous highlight roll-off, organic grain, and naturalistic colours are all captured on a reel roll of 120 or 35mm film before being digitally scanned and shared with our model talent.

Summer Bliss | Edmonton Model Photography
Image by Jose Hernandez-Uribe

A Unique Vision Through Vintage Lenses

Over time, we have honed a distinctive style that blends the charm of medium format and 35mm film cameras with modern aesthetics. Our work has been showcased in various fashion campaigns, reflecting our distinctive approach to capturing beauty and character.


Rich Tones and Textures: The Art of Film Photography

By selecting the right film and camera for each shoot, we create an array of tones and textures that digitally produced photos simply cannot replicate. It’s not just about nostalgic hues; it’s about evoking emotions and crafting a visual narrative that viewers can genuinely connect with.


Authentic Vibes

In an age when everything can feel fake, we strive for a natural representation in our images. No phony photoshop or AI enhancements. Just real people shot on real analog film. Isn't it refreshing?


Sign Up for a Shoot

Are you a model looking to bring a fresh perspective to your portfolio? Sign up for a photo shoot with DC Brandon Films.  Let's create beautiful, authentic moments on film!

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