Models Wanted for FAshion Films

Star in a fashion film directed by me, DC Brandon! 

There are three types of fashion films I like to direct: Street Fashion, Narrative Fashion, Romance Fashion. Descriptions for each type are listed below.

Note: Fashion films are open to age 18 and up (must provide proof of age with 2 pieces of government issued photo ID).


How to apply 

Read through the information below. Choose a type of fashion film you wish to audition for and submit your portfolio to with a note about why you wish to audition. Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

Depending on the type of project you select from below, the audition may be as simple as submitting your portfolio or as involved as submitting a self-taped video audition using a provided script.

Though I do work with first-time models from time to time, some experience with at least some photo modelling is preferred. 



Street Fashion

These are unscripted films featuring either 1 or 2 models and  feature naturalistic  cinematography. Scenes are edited to music. Final product is a 1 minute fashion film – perfect for posting to Instagram or adding to your portfolio. 

There is usually no central theme, other than some basic guidance around type of wardrobe. Models self-style. Shoots take between 1 and 2 hours. A simple and fun project.


Narrative fashion

These are scripted fashion films that feature a more serious approach to storytelling, normally with a strong theme present throughout. The line between model and actor is blurred and in some cases, there are scenes featuring dialogue to memorize.

I often employ professional voiceover actors though to tell the story in order to make these projects more accessible to models without much acting experience.

Shoots take approx 2 to 4 evenings or weekends to complete.

Models self-style based on information provided regarding the character in the film.

Narrative fashion films are sent to film festivals.


Romance fashion

These are spicy romance-themed fashion films. Epic late-night tales of love and betrayal. Secret rendezvous featuring spicy outfits and even hotter plots. 

 Models must be able to convey a mood or emotion and bring a character to life without using dialogue. 

Common themes include: cheating, romance, seduction, etc

Romance fashion films are sent to film festivals.

No nudity is required, though some scenes contain lingerie outfits. For experienced models only.

Open to age 20 and up.

Samples of my
FAshion Films


Film director DC Brandon