Moonfall – casting call

A deceased husband returns to earth for only an hour to deliver a crucial message to his grieving wife.

Writer/Director: DC Brandon


2 evening shoot in Edmonton

Pay $200 flat rate

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required

Roles open until filled

Spring 2022 production

Matt (lead) – ROLE FILLED

Played by Quintin Kluczny

The recently deceased husband of Jenn. Comes back to Earth with an urgent message for his wife. Has come to understand things about the nature of the universe he can only hope to explain to her.


Jenn (lead) – ROLE FILLED

Played by Danielle Shae Galacgac

The grieving widow of Matt. Months after his death she is shocked by his return to Earth and the message he has for her.


How to apply 

Submit a self-taped read of ANY page from ANY scene in the script below.


read the script

I have posted the full script for this short film below. Please read through it and ask yourself if this is the type of short film you wish to star in. If you find the story and characters compelling, then the answer may be yes. 


understand the character

It’s important to really think about the character you are auditioning for. What do they seem to want in the story? What do they value? What kind of person do they seem to be? How might you bring them to life?


record your self-taped audition

Find a partner and ask them to read with you for the self-taped audition. Make sure you rehearse your lines several times prior to recording a take. Many actors submit self-taped auditions fully off book (aka they memorized the scene). Remember, the goal of the audition is to stand out from the pack with a strong performance.


submit your video

Use, GDrive or another file sharing service to transfer your video file to

Read the script for


Film director DC Brandon

written by dc brandon