PEte’s New Girl – casting call

A superstar hockey player at the crossroads of his career meets a new girl who helps him look at things in a new light.

Writer/Director: DC Brandon


2 evening shoot in Edmonton


Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required

Casting closes July 1st, 2022

Summer 2022 production 


Pete (lead) 

mid to late twenties, male, athletic


Pete is a superstar hockey player who has grown disillusioned with it all after his team The Warriors failed to advance in the playoffs yet again. He rarely confides in others but there is just something special about Ginger…



Ginger (lead) 

early to late twenties, female, athletic

Ginger is a local girl who isn’t a huge hockey fan, though she most certainly knows who Pete is – everyone does. A former athlete herself, she is perfectly positioned to understand what Pete is going through. 




early to late twenties, male

A local Warriors hockey fan. Shows up in one scene to ask for an autograph.


How to apply 

Submit a self-taped read of ANY page from ANY scene in the script below.


read the script

I have posted the full script for this short film below. Please read through it and ask yourself if this is the type of short film you wish to star in. If you find the story and characters compelling, then the answer may be yes. 


understand the character

It’s important to really think about the character you are auditioning for. What do they seem to want in the story? What do they value? What kind of person do they seem to be? How might you bring them to life?


record your self-taped audition

Find a partner and ask them to read with you for the self-taped audition. Make sure you rehearse your lines several times prior to recording a take. Many actors submit self-taped auditions fully off book (aka they memorized the scene). Remember, the goal of the audition is to stand out from the pack with a strong performance.


submit your video

Use, GDrive or another file sharing service to transfer your video file to

Read the script for

“Pete’s New Girl”

Film director DC Brandon

written by dc brandon


File name : Petes-New-Girl-20220614.pdf