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2020 Fashion Film Series

For those of you who have been following me for the past number of years, you know I have been doing a number of fashion films in between my narrative film projects. I've met many wonderful models and we've created some really interesting fashion films together. It's been fun.

For 2020, I am looking to shake things up, big time. I am going to infuse narrative storytelling into my fashion films. Each script will have a different theme and core message. Some will be experimental and others mainstream. What will tie them all together is the same cinematography and directing that I've always brought to the table. Most of these will be musically driven, but there will most definitely be fashion films that feature dialogue - which should make casting interesting!

I have uploaded the first batch of scripts to my website here. Please have a read. Most are super short - 2-3 pages. Easy enough to film in 2 or 3 sessions. As always, all of the projects are collab only - no fees either way. I only work with models ages 20+. I tend to cast models who are standard build or in the size 2 through 6 range. Everything is self styled, though some scripts may require a costume - in which case, I will buy it.

My goal is to get some of these info fashion film festivals. It would be cool to have our work shown on the big screen! I've done it many times before with narrative short films, and it's a great feeling to see your work up there. It's not easy though and there are no guarantees. What I can do for sure though is post the fashion films to my website and YouTube channel so people can watch what we created. If you are interested in starring in one of the fashion films, DM me on Insta!


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