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Actors wanted in Edmonton for short film: Mike's Perfect Day

Mike's Perfect Day

short, romantic comedy

Mike devoted 15 years to his marriage and his business. Now that both have failed, what's the point in living? Unless, of course, an angelic beauty with a care-free attitude walks into his life and changes everything.

(Spring 2023)

Roles available:

Mike (lead)

He didn't want to end up a 40-year old, wound too tight, bankrupt divorcee, but then again nobody would. A pessimistic sarcasm has defined his recent years, though he does have a playful side , and under the right conditions he can be quite charming.

age 30 - 45, standard build, any race

Yasmin (lead)

She's led a difficult life but you'd never know it. She's beautiful and cheerfully optimistic on the outside, with a positively exuberant personality - and that gives people the impression she's got it all figured out. The truth is she's struggling with her rough upbringing and doesn't think she can trust anyone enough to let them in. It will take a profoundly sincere man to encourage her reveal her true self.

Female lead: age 25 - 35, standard build, any race

To apply, please submit an intro to camera video.

Please send to

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