• DC Brandon Films

Fashion Film with MomoChrome and TC

I collaborated with local label Momochrome Clothing and TC, who is probably my favourite model of all time on this shoot. I wanted to make the clothing and TC pop but still sit in a very cinematic space, so I elected to film this one on vintage 2x Kowa anamorphic glass. The feeling I got from looking at the clothing was that it makes a person feel confident with that perfect mix of cool and class, so I asked the model TC to well, basically let her self shine in this one. And boy did she ever. Together, we crafted a fashion film that feels moody, modern, but with a subtle, timeless quality about it that only anamorphic can bring. One of my favourites, if you can't tell. Together between the clothing, the model, the location, and the cinematography, we crafted something magical. Enoy!