• DC Brandon Films

GONE - Fashion film starring Stephanie

Writer/director - DC Brandon

Model - Stephanie Liang

VO - Yani Harris

Music - Michael FK

Thank you for watching my latest fashion film! Thank you to model Stephanie for performing so well in this moody and poetic fashion short about abandonment and lost love. And thank you to Yani for giving my poem such a wonderful read for the voiceover.

For reference, here is the poem I wrote for this short film


by DC Brandon

Is this my new forever, Remembering how we met? The days we shared together, Youth lost on a bet.

You’re gone from my life. The one I cherished most. You said I’d be your wife, Instead I’ve become a ghost.

Haunting wounds you’ve given me. Broken promises you swore. Another woman set you free. I couldn’t have loved you more.

Goodbye, you said at the end.

As if you didn’t know,

you killed your love and your best friend,

that day you let me go.

This fashion short was filmed with proper social distancing outdoors. It made for much longer focal lengths than I am used to, but we adapted well enough. Besides, safety comes first!