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Great actors do these 5 things....

I have directed many actors over the years and I've always marveled at their level of commitment to the job. There is nothing cooler than being behind the camera when 2 actors on screen really nail a scene. It's like, wow, this is going to something special! You can tell right away.

But those moments don't come naturally - they require a certain approach to the craft. Here are 5 things I have noticed great actors tend to do:

1. They research their role. When an actor does a lot of background research on their role it really shows up in their performance. They tend to pick up on idiosyncrasies people in the profession tend to exhibit.

2. They rehearse a lot. Great actors come prepared, always.

3. They try very different roles from project to project. Great actors tend to want to stretch themselves creatively.

4. They nurture a love for the craft. When someone is passionate about what they do, it shows. This is as true of acting as it is of anything else in life.

5. They work hard. Great actors outwork everyone else. They put in the time to hone their skills.

I hope this proves helpful to someone out there!