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KISSING CARMEN Wins Honourable Mention, Best Short Film at Hollywood International Golden Age Fest

Kissing Carmen continues to do well on the film festival circuit! It's so reassuring to see a film made in Edmonton do well in international festivals. While we didn't take home top prize for best short film, we came close! To be honest, I was grateful to have our film be selected in the first place! Everyone in the filmmaking world--be it independent film or studio--knows full well that we do this not for money nor awards but for the stories we want to tell. Kissing Carmen was one of those romantic stories I had in my head for a long time before I put it into script form and eventually made it into a movie. I always loved the idea of a shy guy who meets a hot girl who makes things difficult for him. It's essentially a riff on what I went through as a young guy. Always had trouble finding the words when it mattered the most! Congratulations to Lee Lopez and Nes Suarez, the stars of the film. You were both wonderful and this result is a recognition of that!