• DC Brandon Films

The Garden - Fashion Film Starring Mary

Hi folks, DC Brandon here. I count myself as very lucky for having the chance to film this one with Calgary model Mary Cee. Calendars lined up and we were able to film together in a beautiful downtown garden near the end of a gorgeous summer day. My goal with this fashion film was to make Mary's walk in the garden feel as peaceful and beautiful as possible. Almost like seeing her in a dream. You see, to me fashion films aren't actually about clothing or the human form as much as they are about humanity and emotion. I try and bring out what I see in the person through the lens. In Mary's case, a very kind and soft hearted person. To visually represent this, I shot with vintage anamorphic glass. As I have mentioned before, vintage anamorphic lenses tend to make the scene feel more like a memory. Feel more magical. Because the camera I had at the time was 8K resolution and I didn't want her too look overly sharp, I opted for a 1 stop HBM filter to soften things up. Mary was so charming and natural to film with. Thanks to her for being an amazing collaborator. Enjoy the view of "The Garden" feat. Mary C.