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The power of failure

You failed? Congratulations!

Seems like an odd thing to say, I know. Let me explain.

I was recently asked if I get nervous before shooting a project. I said no, I don't. The reason why is because I have no fear of failure.

It's not that I'm any braver than you'd expect, it's because I don't view failure as a net negative experience. To me, failure has been my best teacher. Failure has let me see the wrong way of doing things so that I won't do them again.

To fail is to learn. It's part of growing as an artist. If you've failed 1000 times in the past, it means you now know how to do 1000 things right.

Who is more powerful, the artist who knows how to do those 1000 things right or the artist who never dared to fail and stuck to the 10 things they know for certain will work? Of course the former is more powerful. In fact 100x more powerful. And 100x more comfortable reaching out into the unknown.

So my note to you today is to encourage you to get out there and try new approaches to your craft. Make mistakes. Uncover new ways to fall short. Find the limits of your abilities. Do it again and again and discover just how powerful a teacher failure can be.