• DC Brandon Films

The Quiet Ones (fashion film, poetry)


Writer/Director: DC Brandon

Model: Victoria Louise

Voice Actress: Jennifer Kennedy

Music: Ian Post "The Isle of the Skye"

The Quiet Ones

DC Brandon

Loud beasts our world seems to love But quiet I adore Hare and deer and turtledoves Wolves howl at the door

So run we do, from the fight In shadows of the trees Hid from bites and blood of night Never feeling free

Could in our eyes courage form Braver than we dare And in our dreams we transform One day, become a bear

The world a hunting ground Quiet life, forgotten features Loud ones fangs that we found Hunting gentle creatures

But then the voice within us would Remind us who we are The peaceful ones who never should Forget the end’s not far

So quiet hare, dove and deer Remain as symbols for Life’s beasts to eat to prove that fear’s A gate to forevermore