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The Unmatched Versatility of Blackmagic RAW for Short Films, Fashion Films and TV Commercials

The Blackmagic Design Pyxis 6K

As a filmmaker who has experimented with various formats like Redcode R3D, ProRes RAW, and Panasonic’s All intra 10-bit codecs, I've found none match the fidelity and gradability of Blackmagic RAW (BRAW)—with the exception of Red files, though they come at a higher cost and bulkier equipment. My journey through these formats has culminated in a preference for BRAW, especially when shooting with my Blackmagic Cinema 6K full frame camera.

Unparalleled Image Quality

BRAW stands out for its exceptional image quality, even when compared to industry standards like Redcode. What sets BRAW apart is not just its stunning visual output but its remarkable efficiency in post-production. This codec allows for deep color grading and fine adjustments which are essential in my short and fashion films where mood and tone are pivotal.

Cost-Effective Filmmaking

For those new to filmmaking, the affordability of BRAW-compatible cameras is a game changer. Many older models that support BRAW are available on secondary markets like eBay at significantly reduced prices. This accessibility makes it feasible for up-and-coming filmmakers to shoot in RAW without breaking the bank, ensuring that high-quality filmmaking tools are within reach of those on a budget.

Real-World Application and Flexibility

In the realm of short films and fashion projects, BRAW's flexibility is particularly beneficial. Whether adjusting for an unexpected shadow in a dimly lit scene or enhancing the vibrant colors of a fashion piece, BRAW provides the control needed to realize a precise artistic vision. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool in the fast-paced, aesthetically demanding world of fashion filmmaking.

Integrating BRAW into Your Workflow

Here’s how BRAW integrates seamlessly into various stages of production:

  • Pre-Production: Planning your shoots around BRAW’s capabilities allows for greater creative flexibility.

  • Production: On-set, BRAW’s robust performance in diverse lighting conditions can save time and reduce the need for extensive setups.

  • Post-Production: The gradability of BRAW files means you can push your creative boundaries without losing image integrity.

Showcase of BRAW in Action

In my own work, BRAW has been instrumental. Below are spaces where you can view frame grabs from three of my projects, illustrating the raw power and beauty of BRAW:

These images showcase the distinct visual style that BRAW helps me achieve, emphasizing why it is my go-to choice for creating visually compelling narratives.


Blackmagic RAW is not just another codec; it's a pivotal tool in my filmmaking arsenal, especially for projects that demand high-quality visuals and nuanced gradability. For filmmakers aiming to produce professional-grade films on a budget, investing in a BRAW-capable Blackmagic camera is a decision you won’t regret. It’s about using the best, yet cost-effective tools to bring cinematic visions to life.

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