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Upcoming Film Projects

Hi everyone, DC Brandon here.

Like every other director out there, the pandemic has caused me to pause filming for the past year. I made the decision to stop production because I wanted to ensure everyone could be safe and there was just no feasible way I could figure out to do it, even with masks and handwashing.

I thought now might be a good time to go over the status of some of my film projects that got rescheduled, as well as introduce some new ones to you. Every film on this list may once again get rescheduled. It really depends on where we are at with COVID-19. I hope and pray it is behind us in a few months. Not being able to direct and work with actors and crew has been really tough. I get so much joy from filmmaking!

Films headed to production

The Return of Me (short, romance)

A woman content on marrying a man who checks all the right boxes, except for love, is forced to confront her feelings when her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly returns from abroad a month before her wedding.

This romantic short was originally supposed to be filmed in summer 2020, but we it was postponed once the pandemic hit. Casting was completed but I suspect I will be searching for some new locations come spring/summer. The wardrobe has been sitting on my shelf staring at me for months! It's going to be a tear jerker for sure.

The Cost of Loving You (short, romance)

A Filipino immigrant secretly being chased by loan sharks faces a choice between endangering her lover with the truth or running away from it all without him.

This one was originally supposed to be put into production in 2019. I hit a few budget and timing issues with other projects that pushed it to 2020. I am now hoping to shoot this in late 2021 if possible. I really love the intensity of this script and want to put it into production, but I'm not going to do so until all the right pieces are in place. There will be a casting notice at some point in the future as not all the roles are filled. More info to come.

Screenplays in development:

5 Minute for Dancing (short, romance)

A semi-pro hockey player and all around tough guy discovers a love for ballroom dancing and faces his toughest battle yet - telling his teammates.

This one is close to my heart. I originally wrote the script for a competition a few years ago. I recently re-read the script and I just love what's there. I have some pretty big battles ahead in terms of budget, casting and locations. If the stars align, I may put this into production in 2022. Currently working with a coverage writer to square away the screenplay. More info to come.

Love in D Minor (feature, romance)

I cannot say much about this one. I'm in the first draft right now on the screenplay. It's going to require investors to ever go into production. It may never see the light of day, but I am writing it because I cannot get the story out of my head. Will likely submit to screenplay competitions and see where it goes.

Married in Macau (feature, drama)

An ivy league college grad visits her parents' homeland of Macau the summer after graduation and returns home with two surprises that start WWIII with her overbearing parents - a husband she just met and a baby bump.

This script has been basically haunting me for years now. I developed the concept back in 2018 but never quite got around to finishing the script. I aim to have it done by the end of this year. I think the stories that stick with you for some reason end of being worth telling. There's just something about this one that makes me excited.

That about does it for my current list of projects. I don't know what 2021 holds for us. I do hope I can get at least one of these films shot, but time will tell. Stay safe, my friends.