• DC Brandon Films

Your Love Is My Lantern (fashion x poetry)

Writer/Director: DC Brandon

Model: Fregie P

Voice: Penny Balfour Music: Campagna - After All

Your Love Is My Lantern

by DC Brandon

With doubts and fears I’ve tread upon A life I think unlived Thorns and tears a vagabond A damn no one had gived But now upon the precipice Oh things how great have come See clearly now the path you lit For feet from pain were numb

All those years I asked you why You left me here alone But through the tears you let me cry I learned how much I’ve grown

A woman now with hope to hold And hands of your embrace Your tender light lit my path The shine came from your face A caring look ahead of me My journey you have steered Looking back I can now see From up above you cheered

Thank you for the ways you give

And the patience in your plan

Grateful now I shall live

O love no greater than