PRettier Back Then

A woman becomes the dream of thousands of adoring fans only to
alienate the one person she loves most.


Writer/Director: DC Brandon


2 evening shoot in Edmonton

Collab only

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required

Roles open until filled

Spring 2022 production

Actor Rohit Kataria


Played by Rohit Kataria

Vince grew up with Carrie. Had feelings for her but never had the courage to act on them.  He loses track of Carrie for a time and stumbles across her social media and is shocked at her modelling. 


Carrie – ROLE OPEN

Female, age 20-30, standard build

Note: this role has a couple scenes modeling in lingerie. Previous experience with boudoir modeling is preferred.

Carrie was friends with Vince back in school. She had a huge crush on him but could never get his attention. He was always after women very unlike her. After starting college, she decided to invest in her image and gained a huge following online with her modeling account.


How to apply 

Submit your portfolio of previous modeling work to and a note about why you wish to apply for the role. 


read the treatment

I have posted the treatment for this short film below. Please read through it and ask yourself if this is the type of short film you wish to star in. If you find the story and characters compelling, then the answer may be yes. 


understand the character

It’s important to really think about the character you are auditioning for. What do they seem to want in the story? What do they value? What kind of person do they seem to be? How might you bring them to life?


submit your modeling portfolio

Submit either a headshot and full body shot or samples of your past work to

Note: Do not send any nude photos.

This role is open to age 18 and up only.

Read the Treatment for

“Prettier Back Then”

Film director DC Brandon

written by dc brandon