Strawberry Kisses – casting call

After the death of his wife, a middle aged man travels 25 years back in time to relive his first date with her.

Writer/Director: DC Brandon


2 evening shoot in Edmonton

Collab only

Roles open until filled

Fall 2022 production (depending on casting)


ANDY (lead) 

early twenties, male

Handsome, though typically quiet and introspective, his one great triumph in life was marrying Mimi. 



MIMI (lead) 

early twenties, female

Very charming and full of life. Choosy with men (as she is approached often). Values a man with morals.



BARISTA (extra) 

early twenties, female

Delivers drinks to the young couple on a date. Has a couple speaking lines. 


How to apply 

Submit an intro to camera to


read the script

I have posted the full script for this short film below. Please read through it and ask yourself if this is the type of short film you wish to star in. If you find the story and characters compelling, then the answer may be yes. Note there is a kissing scene in this short film.


understand the character

It’s important to really think about the character you are auditioning for. What do they seem to want in the story? What do they value? What kind of person do they seem to be? How might you bring them to life?


Submit an intro to camera

Introduce yourself and confirm your non-union status and age. Give me a sense of who you are by listing your favourite hobby and a sentence or two about why you would like to act in this short film.  Email the video to



Read the script for

“Strawberry Kisses”

Film director DC Brandon

written by dc brandon


File name : Strawberry-Kisses-20220727.pdf