Powerful Storytelling

The most effective way to connect with an audience and help them see your brand as the solution to a problem in their lives is to

hook them emotionally. 

Doing this requires a deep understanding of the audience and a nuanced approach to the

art of storytelling.

We pride ourselves on digging deep beneath the shiny veneer brands often coat themselves with and mining for emotional experiences and truths that affect the lives of your customers.

Audiences don't want to be sold to, they want to be cared for. Sales come after understanding and a clear value proposition.

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Our Video Production Process

To help give you a better understanding of how we work, here is a simple outline of how we approach video production. 



Step 1: Discovery

The single most important step in the pre-production process is for us to understand who you are and what audience you are hoping to target with your video.  All subsequent steps rely on a proper discovery meeting. 

Step 2: The Treatment and Budget

After the discover meeting, we have enough information to then craft a treatment. This is a high-level creative document that outlines the vision for the project.  Here, we detail the story concept and theme, the key message and give some insight into the type of cinematography we will use during production.  Accompanying this treatment is a budget outline that fits within the framework of our earlier discussion.

If you like our treatment and we fit your budget, this is when you  book us for the job with a 50% deposit.

Step 3: Script

After the treatment and budget are approved, we write the script for the video.  

Step 4:  Casting and Locations

After the script is approved, we find quality actors to fill each role in the script. We often find locations during this phase of pre-production as well.

Step 5: Scheduling

Once the casting and locations have been found, it is time to schedule the production. This involves coordinating schedules between locations, cast, crew and your team. The weather must also be taken into consideration for exterior scenes.


Pre production has received a stamp of approval and everything is scheduled. Now it's time to film - you know, the fun part! 

A typical production day for a 30-second commercial (simplified)


7:30am - crew call time

7:45am - crew meeting

8:00am - equipment build up

8:00am - talent call time

8:15am - hair and makeup

8:45am - client call time

9:15am - roll cameras

12pm - lunch

1pm - back in

6pm - last shot of the day

6:15pm - client and talent depart

6:20 - cleanup and load out

There are many, many layers we could go deeper than this, but it gives you an idea of what's involved in a production day. It all depends on what the projects needs. 

Some commercials require only the business owner and a small crew filming for an afternoon. Others require actors and a larger crew, multiple locations and multiple production dates. 

What matters here is that we understand all the details of production, both from a highly technical perspective to an artistic prospective. We will ensure a professional quality shoot that will give us the materials needed to move into post production. 


Better known to clients as "editing", the post-production process actually contains many steps on our end to ensure the final video looks and sounds as great as your brand needs it to. 

Step 1: Ingest and organize footage from production (and client assets like logos etc)

Step 2: Assembly edit 

Step 3: Story edit

Step 4: Sound edit

Step 5: Sound Mix and EQ

Step 6: Colour Grade

Step 7: Render according to project specs

Step 8: Delivery to client

Depending on the nature of the project, there can be rough edits delivered to client early on in the process, especially if any VFX is involved. 

We have experience delivering to a wide variety of formats, including for film, broadcast, YouTube and social media. 

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