When the bough breaks (family, short film)

A poetic/narrative fashion film that tells the tale of a woman on the precipice of adulthood. A love letter to fathers  everywhere.


Written and Directed by DC Brandon
Starring Taresa H

Special thank you to Chan International models Danielle Shae G, Deborah S, Mohammed A, Lance P, Dale L, Derek L



DC Brandon - film director

DC Brandon


DC Brandon is an Edmonton-based short film screenwriter and director. Best known for romantic dramas Kissing Carmen and Amara’s Smile.

When the Bough Breaks - short film

Taresa H

Lead Actress

Taresa H is an Edmonton-based model and actress with
Chan International 

Awards and Film FEstivals

Winner - Best Micro Short Film - When the Bough Breaks - DC Brandon


Winner – best micro short film

Red Movie Awards

When the Bough Breaks



Official Selection

Short and to the point film festival

When the Bough Breaks



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