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Actor Casting Calls Edmonton

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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I am going to direct a romance short this summer here in Edmonton! It's a no-budget short so I am looking for local actors who want to collaborate with me to bring this story to life.

Please read below for information about the film and the available roles.

To apply, please submit a self-taped intro to camera to

Please include your full name, age, union status, and a note about which role you wish to audition for.


Logline: In a future dominated by virtual reality relationships, a lonely tech repair specialist finds his world turned upside down when a spirited customer challenges him to forsake his digital dependencies and explore the unpredictable joys of real human connection.

Writer/Director DC Brandon

Location: Edmonton

Production Date: Summer 2024

Pay: Gas, food and parking covered

Filming duration: 2 days

Submission to film festivals: Yes

Role: Alex - Lead Male

Age: Late 20s

Appearance: Alex has a disheveled, everyman appearance, with an air of neglected potential. He should have a look that suggests intelligence and sensitivity beneath a layer of resignation to a life less lived.

Character Traits: Introverted, intelligent, and emotionally dependent on virtual reality. Alex is at a crossroads, showing early signs of wanting more from life but unsure how to break his existing patterns.

Skills Required: Strong acting skills required to portray a wide range of emotions, from deep loneliness and dependence to burgeoning curiosity and hope. Ability to convey complex emotions with minimal dialogue, reflecting internal struggles.

Scene Requirement: Actors auditioning for Alex will be asked to perform a scene where they interact with the AI companion, showcasing the character's dependency, followed by a scene that demonstrates a moment of genuine human connection, highlighting the character's potential for change.

Other: Experience in drama preferred. Must be comfortable with scenes requiring emotional vulnerability.

Role: Emily - Lead Female

Age: Mid-20s

Appearance: Emily is vibrant and carries herself with a confidence that is both inviting and intriguing. Her style is casual but with a personal flair that sets her apart in a world where individuality is often mediated through technology.

Character Traits: Outgoing, curious, and compassionate. Emily is a breath of fresh air in a digitized society, valuing genuine human connection and seeking deeper meaning in her interactions.

Skills Required: The role demands a strong presence and the ability to convey warmth, intelligence, and a spark of challenge. Must be able to portray a genuine interest in others and a subtle strength that underlies her character's approach to life and relationships.

Scene Requirement: Audition scenes will include a lively interaction with Alex, showcasing Emily's ability to engage and challenge him, and a moment of vulnerability, revealing her depth and capacity for understanding.

Other: Strong improvisational skills are a plus. Looking for actors who can bring a natural charisma and depth to the role.

Role: Lia - Supporting Female Role

Age: 20s

Appearance: Lia embodies the idealized vision of beauty as imagined by Alex, with a versatile appearance that can adapt to various scenes representing different aspects of Alex's desires and fantasies. The actress should possess a timeless, ethereal beauty that is both captivating and comforting, embodying the perfect companion in Alex's eyes.

Character Traits: Lia is nurturing, empathetic, and always supportive, designed to be the perfect companion. She is the epitome of Alex's fantasy, offering comfort, advice, and companionship. Despite her perfect exterior, there needs to be a subtle, underlying artificiality in her interactions, hinting at her true nature as an AI.

Skills Required: Strong acting skills to portray a range of emotions and scenarios from a first-person perspective, ensuring a believable and engaging representation of an AI companion. Must be able to convey warmth and understanding while also hinting at the lack of genuine human complexity. The role requires a balance between appearing genuinely caring and subtly reminding the audience of her artificial nature.

Scene Requirement: Actresses auditioning for Lia will be asked to perform scenes that include delivering comforting dialogue to the camera, reacting to unseen events (as described by off-camera dialogue), and portraying a range of programmed emotional responses, from joy to empathy.

PLEASE NOTE: As the character Lia is a fantasy AI, wardrobe styling will include alluring outfits, including a lingerie scene (of which the actress can self-style). Please only apply if you are comfortable with this.

Other: Experience in roles that require direct-to-camera interaction is highly desirable. Must be comfortable with a role that combines elements of fantasy with a nuanced portrayal of artificial intelligence. The role may also require physical adaptability for various imagined settings of the AI world.

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