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DC Brandon Films: The Forefront of K-Drama Inspired Short Films in Edmonton

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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DC Brandon Films, an award-winning video production agency in Edmonton, is carving a niche in the global film industry. With an impeccable record of winning 20 awards for Best Short Film at film festivals in LA, New York, Las Vegas, and London, we are not just any other video production agency. We are trendsetters, storytellers, and innovators.

Our passion for storytelling has pushed us to delve into the enthralling world of K-Drama, bringing this globally adored genre right here in Edmonton. Through our K-Drama inspired short films, we aim to explore new creative avenues while building a bridge between cultures.

K-Drama meets Edmonton

We are thrilled to introduce our latest short films that have been inspired by the compelling narratives and emotional depths of K-Drama. Films such as "Amara's Smile" and "Love FM" showcase our unique blend of K-Drama influences with local cultural nuances.

Your Chance to Shine in Our Short Films

Are you an aspiring actor in Edmonton? Do you resonate with the emotionally charged, complex characters of K-Drama? If so, your moment is here! We are excited to announce our casting calls in Edmonton. Join us to be a part of our next award-winning short film.

Join Our Team

In addition to casting calls, we are also looking for models for our upcoming fashion films. Be a part of our journey and let us together create visual masterpieces that resonate with audiences globally. Check out our awards to get a glimpse of our accolades and accomplishments.

DC Brandon Films - Where Stories Come Alive

At DC Brandon Films, we believe in the power of storytelling. Whether it's through a brand promotion video, a short film, or a fashion film, we strive to create content that leaves a lasting impact. Join us in our journey and experience the magic of K-Drama inspired short films in Edmonton.

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