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Write Better Ads with these 29 Magical Hooks

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

great advertising hooks for video commercials
The first 3 seconds will make or break your ad. Start off with a compelling hook!

In the fast-paced world of marketing and advertising, the art of capturing attention is as essential as it is elusive. As attention spans dwindle and media outlets proliferate, the need for a compelling hook — a golden first few seconds that captivates the viewer's attention — has never been more crucial. This is where DC Brandon Films shines. We are not just in the business of creating visually stunning video commercials; we are experts at crafting captivating hooks that ensure your message doesn't just get heard, but gets remembered.

29 Great Hooks for Your Next Video

Hooks are the gatekeepers of attention. They are those first few seconds that determine whether your audience will stay engaged or move on to the next distraction. A great hook can do more than just grab attention; it can stir curiosity, evoke emotions, and resonate with viewers, creating a lasting impression​​.

Here are 29 great hooks to get you started!



Why it works


What if you could...?

Invites the viewer to imagine a better scenario, stirring curiosity and desire.


Did you know...?

Promises the viewer new information, creating a sense of intrigue.


How many times have you...?

Encourages the viewer to relate to a common problem or experience.


Meet [Character's Name]...

Introduces a character for the viewer to relate to or learn from.


What's the secret to...?

Teases a revelation, sparking curiosity in the viewer.


We've all been there...

Creates a sense of camaraderie, making the viewer feel understood and connected.


This is no ordinary...

Contradicts viewer expectations, encouraging them to stick around to find out more.


Ever wish you could...?

Acknowledges a common wish or dream, making the viewer feel seen and validated.


There's a better way to...

Signals a solution to a problem, engaging viewers who are eager for change.


Do you remember when...?

Evokes nostalgia, creating a strong emotional connection.


Believe it or not...

Promises something surprising or extraordinary, sparking curiosity.


Experience the future of...

Positions your product or service as innovative and forward-thinking.


Are you tired of...?

Relates to the viewer's pain points, showing understanding and empathy.


Who said you couldn't...?

Challenges limiting beliefs, engaging viewers who want to break boundaries.


Say goodbye to...

Announces the end of a problem, making viewers eager to learn about the solution.


Picture your life without...

Invites viewers to imagine a positive change, creating desire for your solution.


Stop settling for...

Encourages viewers to demand more, implying your product or service can deliver.


Discover a new way to...

Presents a novel solution to a common problem or need.


It's time to rethink...

Challenges conventional wisdom or status quo, piquing curiosity.


Enough is enough...

Resonates with viewers who are frustrated with a current situation or problem.


Start a new chapter with...

Suggests your product or service can help the viewer embark on a fresh journey.


Break free from...

Empathizes with viewer struggles and positions your offering as a liberator.


Find your freedom with...

Positions your product or service as liberating, sparking interest.


Rediscover the joy of...

Evokes positive emotions and nostalgia, increasing viewer connection.


Prepare for an adventure with...

Suggests your product or service offers an exciting journey or experience.


Welcome to your new life with...

Positions your product or service as a life-changing element.


Give yourself the gift of...

Suggests your product or service is not just a purchase, but a self-treat.


Uncover the truth about...

Promises to reveal valuable insights, creating intrigue.


Ready for a transformation?

Positions your product or service as a catalyst for significant change.

DC Brandon Films: Masters of the Hook

At DC Brandon Films, we understand the power of a great hook.

Our team of expert writers and creatives specialize in crafting captivating hooks tailored to your brand's unique story and audience. Whether it's invoking curiosity with a "What if you could..." or setting the stage with an "In a world where...", our hooks are designed to engage and resonate with viewers.

Unleashing the Potential of Your Brand

Ready to create an unforgettable ad campaign? Start your journey with us at DC Brandon Films. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our mission and values. Explore our Services page to understand how we can cater to your specific needs. And don't forget to check out our Reel page to see some of our previous work.

Great advertising starts with a great hook, and at DC Brandon Films, we're here to help you craft it. Let's make your message not just heard, but remembered.


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