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Actors Wanted in Edmonton for Short Film: A Love in Time

I am looking to cast the following roles for my upcoming short film. If you are in Edmonton and interested in acting in a romance short, please read on!

A Love in Time

short, romance

After being hit by lightning at his wife's funeral, Andy is sent 25 years into the past to the night of his first date with her and discovers he might have found a way to save their future together.

(Spring 2023)

Roles available:

Mimi (lead)

Witty and fashionable, Mimi lives in the moment without a thought for what it all might mean. Has a temper and punches far above her weight. Attracted to Andy because he's everything she isn't - stable, patient and grounded.

age 20 to 30, any race, petite/slim

Andy (lead) - now filled by Lee Lopez

Quiet and contemplative, Andy is a still waters run deep type of man. Endlessly patient, he finds Mimi's energy to be positively magnetic. He loves her deeply and sees supposed downsides as a reason to cherish her.

Note: there are a couple of kissing scenes in this film

To apply, please submit an intro to camera video.

Please send to

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