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The Craft of the Edmonton Videographer: A Journey with DC Brandon Films

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

There is an art form that has been near and dear to my heart for over a decade. This art form video production and, at DC Brandon Films, we've turned this craft into an award-winning journey.

DC Brandon Films is not just a video production agency. We are visual storytellers, dreamers, artists, and most importantly, expert videographers who meticulously capture and craft stories that touch hearts, provoke thought, and inspire action.

Our portfolio is not just a collection of our work; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in every project. The awards we've received are but an external validation of our dedication to our craft.

“Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.” - Banksy

While we do offer a wide variety of services, one that we hold particularly close to our hearts is corporate video production. Yet, these are not your typical corporate videos. We believe in telling stories, not just delivering information, which is why we infuse every corporate video with a narrative that resonates with its audience. We wrote a blog post about effective storytelling in corporate videos, which provides an insight into our unique approach.

Our team's prowess is not confined to corporate videos. We are passionate about all aspects of video production, including the art of cinematography.

cinematographer in Edmonton

We also believe in the power of sharing knowledge. Through our blog posts, we provide insights into the world of videography and video production. Our blog post on how mini documentaries boost brand awareness organically is a testament to this commitment.

At DC Brandon Films, we strive to create videos that are not just visually stunning, but also rich in content and compelling in narrative. If you'd like to start a project with us or just want to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us.

Remember, every brand has a story. Let us help you tell yours.

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