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Casting Calls Edmonton

Models and Actors Wanted for Short Films and Fashion Films

诚聘模特和演员 - 选角电话



Apply Now

Hi everyone, DC Brandon here!  I am planning on directing a short series of fashion films this Spring and Summer! If you are a model or actor age 18 - 25 in Edmonton, please check out the casting info below.

报名参加时装电影项目。我致力于使这些项目有趣而友好 - 这是春季的完美创意项目!每次拍摄非常短暂,通常为2小时左右。目标是捕捉每位模特纯粹表达自信、女性气质和风格的美丽镜头。



A cinematic journey through the end of a relationship. We will film a wide variety of scenes that portray a couple who love each other but know that they cannot be together.

3 evenings of filming in Edmonton.

2 Roles Available

Asian Female, Age 18-25, standard build

Asian or Caucasian Male,  Age 22-30, standard build

Pay: $200

一段关系结束的电影之旅。我们将拍摄各种各样的场景,描绘一对彼此相爱但知道他们不能在一起的情侣。 ​ 三个晚上在埃德蒙顿拍摄。 ​

2 个可用角色 亚洲女性,18-25岁,标准身材 亚洲或白人男性,年龄 22-30,标准身材



A classic fashion film featuring stunning outfits and beautiful cinematography. 

1 evening of filming in Edmonton.

2 Roles Available

Asian Female, Age 18-25, standard build

Pay: $100

一部经典的时尚电影,拥有令人惊叹的服装和美丽的摄影。 ​ 1晚在埃德蒙顿拍摄。 ​ 2 个可用角色 亚洲女性,18-25岁,标准身材 工资:100美元

How to apply:


Include in your email:

1. Full name

2. Age

3. Measurements

4. A note about which project you wish to apply for.

5. Attach two photos (head shot and full body shot)

All roles open to age 18 and up only.

Please email by April 15th, 2024.

如何申请: ​


在您的电子邮件中包含: ​

1. 全名

2. 年龄

3. 测量

4. 关于您希望申请哪个项目的注释。

5.附上两张照片(头像和全身照) ​


所有职位仅向 18 岁及以上人士开放。 ​

请在 2024 年 4 月 15 日之前发送电子邮件至

Cinematography Gallery
Sample of my past work

摄影画廊 我过去的工作样本


Beautiful Imagery with a Focus on Intimate Moments

Inspiration for my cinematography work in Edmonton comes from many sources, but one influential figure stands out - Christopher Doyle, renowned for his work in "In the Mood for Love".


He once said, "I think the point of cinematography, of what we do, is intimacy", and this is a sentiment I resonate deeply with.

我在埃德蒙顿的电影摄影工作的灵感来自很多来源,但其中一位颇具影响力的人物脱颖而出——克里斯托弗·道尔(Christopher Doyle),他因《花样年华》中的作品而闻名。 他曾经说过,“我认为电影摄影和我们所做的事情的重点是亲密”,这是我深深共鸣的一种观点

Rollei CN200_1.11.1.jpg

Unique Style and Tone

Over the years, I've developed a distinctive style of composition and lighting that complements my perception of the world, a style that is evident in every project I undertake in Edmonton and beyond.

My work has been shown on many ad campaigns and at close to 100 film festivals over the past decade

\多年来,我形成了一种独特的构图和照明风格,补充了我对世界的看法,这种风格在我在埃德蒙顿及其他地区进行的每个项目中都很明显。 ​ 过去十年里,我的作品在许多广告活动和近 100 个电影节上展出


Vibrant Colour Palettes: The Art of Visual Storytelling

By carefully selecting colours and lighting conditions, I like to create a visual language that communicates the mood and the story of your project. It's not just about vibrant hues; it's about crafting a cinematic story that your audience can truly feel.


Fuji Velvia 100_1.60.4.jpg
Reel 2022_1.120.1.jpg

Capturing Emotions: More Than Just a Picture

As an experienced cinematographer, I don't just capture images; I always strive to capture emotions.


My goal is to convey the innermost feelings of the characters in each frame, connecting your audience with the story on a deeper level.


It's about creating moments that resonate, moments that make your audience feel something real.

作为一名经验丰富的电影摄影师,我不仅仅捕捉图像;还捕捉图像。我总是努力捕捉情感。 我的目标是在每一帧中传达人物的内心感受,在更深层次上将观众与故事联系起来。 它是关于创造引起共鸣的时刻,让观众感受到真实的时刻。