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videographer in Edmonton
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Video & Film Production in

6K 12 bit raw framegrab

Cinematography Gallery

We'll take care of everything;
video ad production, testimonials, photography, social videos
- we do it all.

Looking for professional video production services? Look no further! At DC Brandon Films, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your video production needs. Whether you need a commercial, corporate video, or any other type of video content, we're here to bring your vision to life. Increasingly, clients are interested in multiple deliverables. With DC Brandon Films, you can get a custom package that includes advertising videos, social videos, testimonials, and even drone shots and photography. For the same cost as you might be paying for one video with other vendors, you could maximize your spend with DC Brandon Films!

video production Edmonton

Project Concept

Development and

Script Writing

With over 100 commercials and corporate videos, not to mention ten award-winning short films on my resume, you can trust that I will interpret your creative brief in a refreshing and impactful way and create a treatment or script that serves as a guiding light for our project.

Have a script of your own? No problem! I love working with other creatives and would be happy to bring your vision to life.

video production Edmonton

Pre Production, Casting, and Location Booking

A commercial or film is only ever as good as the script as they say, but I also believe casting and locations play an enormous factor in the quality of the final piece.

I work with many talented local actors, models and agencies in order to cast the right person for each role.

Furthermore, I have tons of connections for great locations that I can leverage for your project.

video production Edmonton

Professional Directing and Cinematography

As a director and cinematographer with over a decade of experience, my ability to help you reach your business goals through video can be trusted .

I have shot thousands of scenes over the course of my career and worked with countless actors, crew members and other creative people. With each project, I approach production with a team-oriented attitude and look to bring the best out of everyone involved in order to create memorable scenes.


video production Edmonton

Expert Video Editing

I've edited hundreds of projects over the past decade. Everything from TV commercials, to big YouTube campaign ads to small budget corporate and event videos. No project is too big or too small.

With a knack for pacing and sound, I also offer cinematic colour grading services with every project that will take your project to the next level. Take a look though my cinematography page to get an idea of my creative style!

DC Brandon's
Commercial Writer/Director Work Samples

A few examples of projects I've written and directed over the past couple years , starring many wonderful people whom I'm blessed to have worked with!