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Star in a short film

New roles are available now for my next romance short

Image by Allef Vinicius

Welcome to my website! I am an indie filmmaker who is passionate about writing and directing short films. I take pride in working with local actors to bring my stories to life on the big screen at festivals and on YouTube.


Beautiful Imagery with a Focus on Intimate Moments

Inspiration for my cinematography work in Edmonton comes from many sources, but one influential figure stands out - Christopher Doyle, renowned for his work in "In the Mood for Love".


He once said, "I think the point of cinematography, of what we do, is intimacy", and this is a sentiment I resonate deeply with.

我在埃德蒙顿的电影摄影工作的灵感来自很多来源,但其中一位颇具影响力的人物脱颖而出——克里斯托弗·道尔(Christopher Doyle),他因《花样年华》中的作品而闻名。 他曾经说过,“我认为电影摄影和我们所做的事情的重点是亲密”,这是我深深共鸣的一种观点

Rollei CN200_1.11.1.jpg

Unique Style and Tone

Over the years, I've developed a distinctive style of composition and lighting that complements my perception of the world, a style that is evident in every project I undertake in Edmonton and beyond.

My work has been shown on many ad campaigns and at close to 100 film festivals over the past decade

\多年来,我形成了一种独特的构图和照明风格,补充了我对世界的看法,这种风格在我在埃德蒙顿及其他地区进行的每个项目中都很明显。 ​ 过去十年里,我的作品在许多广告活动和近 100 个电影节上展出


Vibrant Colour Palettes: The Art of Visual Storytelling

By carefully selecting colours and lighting conditions, I like to create a visual language that communicates the mood and the story of your project. It's not just about vibrant hues; it's about crafting a cinematic story that your audience can truly feel.


Fuji Velvia 100_1.60.4.jpg
Reel 2022_1.120.1.jpg

Capturing Emotions: More Than Just a Picture

As an experienced cinematographer, I don't just capture images; I always strive to capture emotions.


My goal is to convey the innermost feelings of the characters in each frame, connecting your audience with the story on a deeper level.


It's about creating moments that resonate, moments that make your audience feel something real.

作为一名经验丰富的电影摄影师,我不仅仅捕捉图像;还捕捉图像。我总是努力捕捉情感。 我的目标是在每一帧中传达人物的内心感受,在更深层次上将观众与故事联系起来。 它是关于创造引起共鸣的时刻,让观众感受到真实的时刻。