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About Me

I am an indie filmmaker based out of Edmonton, Canada. Over the years I have written and directed a number of short films with talented actors from across Alberta. We have even been lucky enough to win at a few film festivals

I enjoy all aspects of filmmaking and the challenges that come along with indie film. I direct between two and five short films each year, so if you are interested in getting involved, head on over to my castings page.

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Film director DC Brandon

Actors wanted in Edmonton

DC Brandon - film director

DC Brandon


star in a short film

Do you have stage or screen experience? Or perhaps you are new to acting and want to try out a smaller part? Either way, I’d love it if you check out some of my casting calls! 

With runtimes around 3 to 20 minutes, we normally shoot all of our scenes over a weekend or two, which means I get to direct quite a few short films over the course of a year.  I normally run with a small crew of 3 or 4 people, though each project is different.

I am constantly writing scripts and have plans for several new short films over the coming year. Head on over to my casting page to check out open roles!