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Award-winning short films

A collection of short films written and directed by DC Brandon


I am a screenwriter and director based out of Edmonton, Canada.

I mainly write and direct dramas. Each of the films on this website are a result of the collaborative work with many actors and crew members, and the support of my family. All of us share one thing in common: a love for film. 

Please enjoy your stay here and watch a short film or two. I am always happy to connect with people through my blog or social media accounts. If you would like to get involved as an actor or crew member in a future short film project, feel free to reach out! 


DC Brandon

My Latest Short Films

Below is a list of my most recent short films! Most of them are in the romance genre :)



Kissing Carmen

After two dates, Neil still hasn't kissed Carmen. With the help of a friend, he summons his courage and goes all-in on the third date.

(short film, romance)

Written and Directed by DC Brandon

Starring Nes Suarez, Lee Lopez

Kissing Carmen 2020 - Awards v2.jpg
Friends and Lovers Awards 2020.jpg

First Mistake

They were only supposed to spend the night together...maybe it was love at first sight?

(short film, romance)

Written and Directed by DC Brandon

Starring Juhi Gupta, Lee Lopez


Blown Job

Two young professionals hook up and discover an awkward fact the morning after.

Writer/Director - DC Brandon
Actors - Janine Kyle Weber, Spencer Streichert

blown job 2020.jpg

Love Departure

Fate brings international student Izabella and local sophomore Brad together, then rips them apart when she must return home to help her ailing father.

(short film, romance)

Written and Directed by DC Brandon

Starring Rekha Kapadia, Michael Benjamin Welsh

love departure 2020 poster frame laurels
forget me 2020 laurels.jpg

Love Express

After a series of anonymous gift packages arrive at a woman's apartment, her roommate begins to question the sender's intentions.

Written and Directed by DC Brandon

Starring Bea Policarpio, Jana Hupman, Omer Aubin

LOVE EXPRESS 2020 BW laurels.jpg

Lovers by Morning

Two coworkers on a road trip are forced to share a hotel room and things get...romantic.

Written and Directed by DC Brandon

Starring Dee Reyes, Adam Jamieson

lovers by morning 2020 youtube poster la

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